Grafton Morrish 2018

L-R Back row Giles Legg (St Anne’s 1983-88), Adan Yates (Shapwick 2008-13), Darryl McMahon (Skinner 07/08)

L-R Front row Nic Elliot (Millfield 2010-11) 20 Toby Clifton-Holt, (Keen’s Elm 1996-2000), David Gregory (Etonhurst 2007-08)

The OMGS team qualified for the Grafton Morrish, via winning the west region at North Hants GC scoring 97 points, only one point less than last year’s impressive 98 points

The team travelled to Grafton Morrish finals on the 5th– 7th Oct in high spirits playing our 1st round match on Friday v St George’s Weybridge at Hunstanton. The team of Giles Legg, Adan Yates, Dave Gregory, Darryl McMahon, Nic Elliot, Toby Clifton-Holt and chief beverage officer Gavin Bradbury.

The team got off to a great start beating SGW 3-0 with some big wins for Gregory and McMahon, Elliot and Clifton-Holt.

With not looking to create any compliancy the team had lunch and mentored by Bradbury rallied the troops to play Stamford in the afternoon round. Again, the with the same order the team came through with some impressive golf and running home 3-0.

Saturday’s am match was v Brentwood, the conditions for the day was certainly going to sort the men from the boys. 40mph winds and heavy rain made it very difficult, but with the aid of some trusty Port and the years of practice at Burnham OMGS came through 3-0 again.

The boys quickly dried their equipment out ready for the afternoon match v Woodbridge, with the conditions looking less inviting outside, and armed with more port the team fought a tough battle seeing 3 woods being hit 180 yards in to wind came through 2-1. Elliot and Clifton-Holt suffering the first loss of the 2018 campaign.

Regrouping back at the hotel reserving the table by the fire the team gathered their thoughts and talked about the conditions they had faced exchanging blow by blow accounts and accepting the Wednesday trips to Burnham and Berrow all those years ago were not in vain.

For the first time since 1974 (when Millfield last won the GM) Millfield were in the semi-final. The weather forecast was much more favourable, a few swings on the range to erase the previous days swing thoughts of 3 ft stingers.

Millfield took on Uppingham and nerves held, and the team did excellently again to come through 3-0 victorious.

So…….. the big moment playing the 2017 runner’s up George Heriot’s in the final, could it be Millfield’s year? Bet’s being made in the clubhouse by the local members…….

Yates and Legg got off to a great start putting going 3 up early, Gregory and McMahon & Elliot and Clifton-Holt came up against tougher competition seeing them take their games past the 15th which was unusual territory compared to previous games.

Unfortunately, Yates and Legg lost the first game (their first loss of the weekend). Pressure was now on the second to games, Gregory & McMahon took their game down the 18th being one down, could they grab a half and hope Elliot and Clifton-Holt can turn their 1down defect on 17th tee in to a win.

Elliot arguably hit the shot of the week a 3 wood 230 yards in to wind from the fairway to one foot, wining the hole with a birdie.
Unfortunately, Millfield lost the 2 game on the 18th 1 down making the 3rd match irrelevant to the final result.

It was a great week and the team fought valiantly all weekend in very tough conditions.

A mention should go to all the players for their efforts all week, but a special mention to Richard Champion who drove 5 hrs plus from Somerset to Norfolk on Sunday morning to cheer the team on in the final.

A great weekend was had by all. We would like to thank everyone who is involved from our (chief beverage officer) Gavin Bradbury, OMGS Secretary Richard Champion, all the supporters and of course the OM society.

We always welcome new players, so if you are interested in being involved in the OMGS matches/days please do get in touch 07816521559

please see below some of the fixtures for 2018.

14th October 2018 OMGS v The School @ Burnham and Berrow GC

18th October 2019 OM golf day @ Castle Combe GC

30-31st  March 2019 Brent Knoll Bowl @ Burnham and Berrow GC

12th May 2019 Grafton Morrish Qualifer @ North Hans GC

Early June date TBC Schools Putting tournament @ Royal Wimbledon GC

Late June date TBC OMGS summer meeting @ Royal Wimbledon GC

3-6th October 2019 Grafton Morrish @ Hunstanton GC