Grafton Morrish 2023

Grafton Morrish 2023

The OMGS team qualified for the Grafton Morrish, via winning the west region at a new venue of Royal Ashdown Forest GC scoring 92 points.

This year the team travelled back to Hunstanton for the Grafton Morrish finals on the 6th-8th October eager to compete.

The team of Giles Legg, Adan Yates, David Gregory, Billy Ray, Harry Anstock, Phil White and Capt Toby Clifton-Holt.

The night before the team are in good spirits, relaxing in the usual venue.

Fort the first time in recent memory we received a by into Round 2, to face Coventry at Royal West Norfolk.

Veterans to Grafton Adan Yates (celebrating 10 years at the event) and Giles Legg leading the team out. Pairing 2 was made up of a new paring and debutants Harry Anstock and Billy Ray.

Lastly the forever reliable pairing of David Gregory and Phil White.

With a convincing 2-1 victory the team relaxed for the remainder of the day an even undertook some practice.

Round 3.

Saturday morning is a hive of activity at Hunstanton. With an excellent day lined up for links golf.

After much deliberation the team was decided, the same team but in a different formation took on a strong team with an even bigger entourage of Solihull. Convincing wins from Gregory, White and Yates, Legg.


Opting to stick with the same winning formula the 3 pairs went to battle with Nottingham, with Game 1 and 3, notably Anstock and Ray recording a 8&7 victory to put the team in to the semi final.

Early nights were suggested but, the rugby world cup is on, it was good to take the focus away from the golf for a bit of time.

Semi Final.

Up against old foe’s of Glasgow Academy, Millfield needed to make sure they got out of the blocks early. Game 1 saw Gregory and White winning early 6&5 while being -6 through 13 holes.

Yates and Legg winning on 17 3&1.


A regular feature for the 2 schools to meet at some point of Birkenhead and Millfield.

The team was very aware that they needed to play well to succeed.

Unfortunately, it was not be, with Birkenhead winning all 3 matches to claim the Grafton Morrish.

It was a valiant effort, by all involved.

This is Millfield’s 3rd involvement in a final in 5 years at the Grafton, which is excellent to see.